Seminar on “Stress Management” Via video conferencing

IT Forum, Department of computer sci. DAV College Jalandhar organized a seminar (via video conferencing) on the topic of Stress Management. The talk was delivered by Ms. Jyoti Rana,Registered Clinical Counselor, British Columbia Association of Clinical Counselors, Canada. Students were enlightened about the symptoms & cause of day-to-day stress and were given ways to deal with it. Cognitive behavior therapy was explained by the expert. Students were given handouts explaining ways to manage anger. Students found the interaction very useful and encouraging. On this occasion, Prof. Nischay Bahl, HOD Comp. Sc., Prof.Kawal Jeet, President IT Fourm, Prof. Monika Chopra, Prof. Lalit Goyal, Prof. Nitin Bhatia, Prof. Leekha Jindal, Prof.Rajeev Puri, Sh. Guriqbal Singh, Ms. Gagandeep, Ms. Kavita, Ms. Ritika, Sh. Sanjeev Guleria, Sh. Sanjeev Rana, Sh. Sunder Lal Pal and other members of staff were also present.