Extension Lecture Organized on Miracles on Botanical World

Department of Botany, DAV College organized an extension lecture on Miracles in Botanical World on Aug 22, 2014 under DBT Star College Scheme under the Aegis of Kashyap Botanical Society. The extension lecture was aimed to provide a platform for discussion and deliberation to develop projections on the topic Botanical Wonders. The resource person on this occasion was Dr. Saroj Arora, Professor, Department of Botanical and Environmental Sciences, GNDU, Amritsar. She is a known researcher with over hundred publications and has attended a number of National and International Conferences. She is member Board of Control, Board of Studies (Under Graduate and Post Graduate) & Research Degree Board in Botanical and Environmental Sciences, Academic Council and Research Degree Committee and member of 10 learned societies.

In the beginning, Dr. Komal Arora, Head of Botany Department and staff members extended floral welcome to honourable guest. Stage coordinator Mr. Rakesh Kumar gave a brief introduction of Botany Department and invited Prof. Arora to give her talk. She started her talk with Botanical wonders covering the diverse type of flora may it be the tallest, oldest, largest tree species or certain endangered yet economically or religiously or ethnobotanically important plants. She stressed upon the need to grow medicinal plants like Azadirachta indica, Withania somnifera, Ocimum sanctum, Curcuma longa etc. She also made the students aware about the medicinal properties of these plants and also showed slides of Circus Plant to students to inculcate in them the hobby of gardening.

The extension lecture concluded with a discussion about Taxol, the anticancer drug extracted from Gymnosperm Taxus. At the end, Dr. Komal Arora thanked organizers and students, other faculty members of DAV College who were present on this occasion. In the end, Principal Dr. B.B. Sharma alongwith Dr. Komal Arora presented the college insignia to Prof. Saroj Arora.