Hunt for India’s Super Robo Genius

Demo session of Robofiesta 2014 was conducted by TGPL in Department of Computer Science DAV College, Jalandhar on 25.8.2014. National Level Robo Fiesta 2014 is being organised in Computer Science Department of the College. The certification will be provided by Amalthea – 2014, IIT Gandhinagar.


·         Basic Robotics Workshop

·         Auto Robotics Workshop

·         Cellphone Controlled Robotics Workshop

·         Wireless Robotics Workshop

·         Hand Gesture Robotics Workshop

·         Xbee Controlled Robotics Workshop


Program Details (27, 28 August 2014)

Stage 1

·         2 Days Robotics training by TGPL.

Stage 2

·         Prelims competition round will be conducted just after the training session.

Stage 3

·         Winners will represent their respective School/ institution for Grand Finale of ‘Amalthea’14’ being organised at IIT, Gandhinagar.