Extension Lecture on “Understanding Literature”

The language and literary society of the Department of English, DAV College, Jalandhar, The English Seminar organised an extension lecture on “Understanding Literature” by renowned teacher and poet. Prof. G.C. Mago In his presentation, Prof. Mago dwelt upon the place, relevance and plight of literature in the context of the present times. He admitted that in these times of crass consumerism and social media, the youth has been weaned away from literature as a result there has been lack of depth and sensitivity in their behavior. He opined that literature emerges from the pangs of pain, angst and separation but creation can be done by a sensitive soul and who is also a keen observer of society and environment. Creation and study of literature is the sign of a cultured society. Ancient Greece, Rome and India have given to the world literature that is eternal and universal. He further felt that initially television adapted the celebrated literary works for the small screen but over the years writing for TV has become a separate genre and the literary merit of which is highly debatable. His detectable discourse was well enjoyed by all the members of the English department and students. Earlier principal Dr. B.B. Sharma welcomed Prof. G.C. Mago and shared the fond memories of the times when the invited guest’s teaching and oratorical skills were much talked about qualities. On the occasion prof. Sanjiv Sharma, Dr. Anoop Kumar Prof. Sonika. Prof. Archana. Dr. N.K Neb, Prof. Naresh, Prof. Ram Gupta, and other members of the department were present. The president of the English Seminar Prof. Sharad Manocha anchored the programme.