Seminar on “Nuclear Technology for Future needs” on 12th March 2014

Under Nationwide massive outreach programme, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), Mumbai has planned Outreach Programme at DAV COLLEGE JALANDHAR, Punjab on March 12, 2014. The programme includes exhibition and seminar on “Nuclear Technology for Future needs” by scientists of Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai. Shri R.K. Singh, Head, Media Relations and Public Awareness Section, BARC will be coming with a team of scientists from BARC, Mumbai.               

Principal Dr. B B Sharma told that an exhibition on BARC Technologies will be organised on March 12, 2014 along with three lectures by eminent scientist. One of lecture is based on charged particle Accelerators in the service of society. Charged particle accelerators are playing a great role in research,industry, medicine, agriculture etc. The accelerator based sub critical systems (ADS) will also be crucial for our nuclear energy generation
program. The talk will discuss these applications and the ongoing work on
accelerators for ADS at BARC.

First time such programme is being organised in this part of country.

‘Exhibition on BARC Technologies’will include Poster Gallery, Interactive models, information kiosks and AV presentations depicting applications of atomic energy.  

Gallery of Posters:

The poster gallery covered a variety of domains like Agriculture, Food Preservation, and Land Utilization; Health and Bio-medical Instrumentation, Desalination, Drinking Water, Rural Empowerment, Industrial Application and Electricity Generation; and National Security. Over a hundred posters were categorized in five sections spanning the above mentioned areas.

Interactive Models/Exhibits:

Bhabha Atomic Research Centre had showcased various interactive models and exhibits to let the students and visitors have a first hand experience of technologies. Among the various exhibits that covered a spectrum of BARC projects in the areas of science, technology, and societal initiatives, the following models were very well received by the visitors and the VIP guests:

KRUSHAK:KRUSHAK is the acronym for‘Krushi Utpadan Sanrakshan Kendra’, literally translated in English as ‘agricultural produce conservation centre’. The facility is located at Lasalgaon in Nashik District, 250 km east of Mumbai and is operational since 2003. Radiation processing brings benefits to consumers in terms of availability, storage life, distribution, and improved hygiene of food. Radiation processing can have a stabilizing effect on market price of commodities by reducing storage losses resulting in increased availability of produce. The KRUSHAK irradiator is a specially designed technology demonstration unit, primarily for controlling sprouting in stored onions.

Nuclear Desalination:Desalination is removal of salt and other minerals from saline water to produce drinking water. BARC has established the largest nuclear desalination plant in the world based on hybrid technology-Multi Stage Flash Reverse Osmosis technology. The plant built at Kalpakkam is integrated with existing Madras Atomic Power Station. It produces distilled water of 4.5 Million Litres per day.

Bhabhatron:Bhabhatron delivers radiation therapy for the treatment of cancer patients. It is a teletherapy machine indigenously developed by BARC. This low-cost machine makes the treatment affordable and accessible to the patients, particularly from rural areas.