Lecture organised on “Fundamental Group and its applications”

An extension lecture on "Fundamental Group and its applications" was organisedby Bansi Lal Mathematical Society, D.A.V. College Jalandhar under the guidance of Principal Dr. B.B. Sharma.

In this event, Prof M.R. Adhikari , a great Mathematician from University Of Calcutta delivered a lecture to P.G. Students of Mathematics. Prof. Adhikari explained many applications using Fundamental Group and the students gained a lot from his lecture. Later in the interaction session Prof. Adhikari answered queries put by some students as well as teachers.

In this event Head of the department Prof. Ajay Kumar Aggarwal, Prof. S.K. Tuli, Prof. P.K. Sharma, Prof. Anju Chabbra, Prof. Monish Arora, Prof. Sameer Sharma, Prof. Seema Sharma, Prof. Ashu Behl, Prof. Rajesh Prasher, Prof. Sahil Nagpal, Prof. Meenakshi Sharma, Prof.Vandita Sharma were also present.