Basant Utsav organized

Basant Panchami is the festival that highlights the coming of spring. BasantUtsav was celebrated in DAV College Jalandhar on 4 February 2014 at 01.00pm in the college playgrounds. Hundreds of students came to play ground with their kites and threads. Boys and girls fly colourful kites in the sky. The sky became colourful and it was very fascinating to see kites cutting each other’s thread. The boys were dancing and shouting with joy when they cut each other’s kites. Some boys were running after the kites which were going away after being cut by others. Girls were also participating in the cheerful atmosphere and they were enjoying the ambience of play ground.

Principal, Dr. B B Sharma was very happy to see students enjoying that brings smiles on his face. He also enjoyed the kite flying. A number of college teachers also participated in this event and try to fly kites. All of them were remembering their childhood when they use to play with kites.

Prof. T D Saini, Dr. Hemant Kumar. Dr. Satish Sharma, Dr. Navjeet Sharma, Dr. Rajeev Kr. Sharma, Dr. Manu Sood, Prof. S K Midda, Prof. Nitin Bhatia, Prof. Amit Kumar, Prof. Sharad Manocha, Prof. Sourabh Raj were also present to see the colourful kites flying in sky.