DAV Teachers Got Research Project of 31.71 Lakhs

A team of Researchers from local DAV College Jalandhar have been awarded a research project worth 31.71 lakhs by Board of Research In Nuclear Sciences, Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India. Dr. Navjeet Sharma from Department of Physics is the Principal Investigator of the project while Dr. Rajeev Kumar Sharma from Department of Chemistry and Dr. Hemant Kumar Sharma from Department of Physics are the Co-Investigators. Sh. B.K. Sahoo, Scientist RP & AD, BARC, Mumbai has been appointed as the Principal Collaborator. The project concerns the study of natural radioactivity in air, water and soil in central Punjab region and characterization of sources of radiation in human environment. The project is a part of the effort of the BARC to prepare a radiation map of the country. The project acquires a special relevance in present scenario in Punjab, where presence of enhanced levels of some radioactive elements in ground waters are being reported from various parts of the state.

Dr. B. B. Sharma, Principal of the college congratulated the team members for their effort and emphasized the importance of the project. He said that the data collected in this project will be very useful to the country and state in particular. He also said that the research was an integral component of teaching and the college will continue to its efforts to create infrastructural facilities in the college for the research in various fields. Prof. T. D. Saini, Head, Department of Physics, also congratulated the team members and said that facilities created in the department from the project will also be available to the graduate and post graduate students to give them exposure to research.