11th National Youth Parliament organized

DAV College under the aegis of department of extra –mural activities organized the 11th national youth parliament. It was sponsored by Ministry of parliament affairs, Government of india under the scheme of national youth parliament competition in University/Colleges throughout the country. Dr. B B Sharma, principal said thet the aim of youth parliament is to strengthen  the roots of democracy , inculcate healthy habits of discipline , tolerance of the views of others and to enable the student community  to understand the working of our parliamentary institutions. The co-ordinator of programme Dr. Dinesh arora , said that college has won 11th national youth parliament ( Group Level ) competition held today in which 70 students participated  and they successfully tried to create the look of real parliament.

The seating arrangement was made as per the provisions of the parliament. On the right side of  speaker the ruling party , with PM on extreme right and on the left side the opposition party deputy speaker on the extreme left followed by leader of opposition. The role of speaker, deputy speaker , PM , leader of opposition , secretary general etc. was played by the students very successfully . the members of 11th national youth parliament wore the dresses  of different states and presented a real lokk of national parliament . The items like ‘ Inroduction of new ministers by PM’ , ;Question Hour’ , ‘ Paper to be laid ‘,’vote of no confidence’ etc were presented in the youth parliament.

Important Issues: 

During question hours many important issues were raised like Quality of higher educational institutions, Use of banned pesticides &insecticides in agriculture , violation of ceasefire  by Pakistan , modernization of railways and installation of Anti- collision Device in the trains etc.

During Zero Hour,Ramanpreet singh raised the issue of flood and Non-preparedness of the government in this regard . he made an emotional and sentimental appeal to the government in this regard.

As the concerned minister was not in the house, the minister of parliamentary Affairs defended the government.

Vote of No-Confidence:

Ms Nitika Vij, Leader of opposition moved the vote of No-Confidence and criticized  the government of its failure on all fronts of administration especially on economic fronts to check price rise , inflation and to bring back Indian money from the  foreign banks . she said on one hand price rise and on other hand Scams scandals exploiting the common people.

Ms. Sukhmani Kaur, speaking in favour of the motion highlighted the failure of the government in economic front especially to check price rise.

Speaking on the motion Ms . Harsha the minister of finance , made every attempt  to defend the government. She talked about the need to look economic issues from wider prospective. She argued  the strong economic fundamentals of Indian economy . she highlighted that soon the rising price will come down.

Mr. Blkrishan, speaking in favour of the motion , criticized the government for its failure in the rural areas. He pointed out that government has completely failed so far as the rural development is concerned. Sadly india is the world’s largest open air toilet and it speaks about the negligence of the government  far as the basic sanitation facilities are concerned .

Minister rural development , Ms Tanya Jain , defended the government and highlighted achievements in the rural areas.

Ms Shyna, criticized the government for its failure to maintain law and order in the country  and to creat a sence of security among women, children and aam admi. She strongly criticized the government for its failure both in the internal and external front.

Prime Minister Mr. Rajat , who loked like Rahul Gandhi  , tried to defend the government and talked about india’s  strong economic fundamentals. He tried to show the seriousness of the government in controlling price rise and corruption.

Voting on the motion:In the end voice voting was held on the voice of No-Confidence motion and motion was defeated due to lack of support . the rulling party celebrated it with thumping of dusk . finaly with National Anthem , speaker adjourned the house.

Judges: The event was evaluated by a jury of three judges- Sh. Manoranjan Kalia , MLA, Jalandhar central , Sh. R.C. Mohanty, Asst. Secretary, Ministry of parliament affairs, Government of India, New Delhi, and Mrs. Geeta Kahlon, Professor, Department of political Science, S.D. College for women, Jalandhar.

Guest of Honour: On this occasion, Dr. Ashwani Sharma , from DAV University Jalandhar, Sh.Vijay Sampla, Chairman, InfoTech, were specially presented and encouraged the students to participate more in such activities.

Best Youth Parliamentarians:  Jury selected 8 students as best members of youth parliament, namely, Gursimrat Kaur, Rajat Sharma, Sukhmani Kaur, Ramanpreet Singh, Shyna Kalra, Nitika, Janjot Kaur and Palak gupta.


These students and judges were honored by Pricipal Dr.B B Sharma , Prof.  Sharad Manocha, Dean EMA, Dr. Ashwani Sharma and other members of EMA.

Vote of Thanks:Prof. S J Talwar, Dy.Dean, EMA presented a vote of thanks. The Programme was co-ordinated by Dr. Dinesh Arora and anchored by Prof. Sharad Manocha.