Extension Lecture by S. Jasbir Singh, ED, RBI on Central Banking


DAV College, Jalandhar under the aegis of "Kautilya Society of Economics", organized an extension lecture on 26th February, 2013 on the burning topic "BANKING AND CENTRAL BANKING IN THE CONTEXT OF EVOLVING ECONOMIC SCENARIO. The speaker on the occasion was Executive Director of RBI, Mr. Jasbir Singh (Executive Director, Reserve Bank of India). The Principal Dr. B.B. Sharma & Head of Department of Economics, Mrs. Surinder Kaur and other faculty members extended a floral welcome to the honored speaker. Dr. S K Khurana delivered the welcome speech.

An eminent economist S. Jasbir Singh, gave an in-depth account of the evolving economic scenario in the country and its likely impact on people. He discussed various current issues confronting the indian economy in the context of ever changing global environment. Members of the staff and students raised many queries which were responded in a satisfactorily manner. At the end, Prof. Mrs Surinder Kaur (Head ,PG Deptt. Of Economics) extended a formal vote of thanks to the distinguished speaker. Other members of staff Dr. Suresh Khurana, Dr. Sanjeev Dhawan, Prof. S.J. Talwar, Prof. Seema, Prof. Monica, Prof. Naveen Sood and Prof. Deepali also graced the occasion.