Night Sky Watching by Physics Association


A ‘Night Sky Watching’ programme was organized by Physics Association in the campus of D.A.V College on Feb12, 2013 at 6.30 pm in collaboration with Pushpa Gujral Science City, Kapurthala road, Jalandhar. The programme was open to students of all streams i.e arts, science as well as commerce. Two telescopes, one mechanically operated and the other remotely programmable, were installed on the roof top of the Physics Department. One was focussed on the Moon surface which was partially visible on the western side of the horizon and the other, more sophisticated, was focused on the planet Jupiter, which looked like a brightly shining dot on the vertically upward point. The education assistant accompanying the telescopes briefed the students about the construction, working and power of the telescopes. He told the students that these telescopes are not refracting type (made by using lenses) but are reflecting type (made by using parabolic mirrors). This type of telescopes produce more sharp and bright images of heavenly bodies as compared to refracting type. Students appreciated the power of the telescope as they were able to distinctly see the three moons of Planet Jupiter along with its disc with colored rings. The students showed great interest in the activity and asked many questions regarding the formation of telescopes, its various types and the scope of the student’s future in the field of astronomy. The teachers of the college present there duly satisfied the students’ queries. Many staff members along with their families participated in the programme. The programme concluded at 9 pm when clouds starting shadowing the surface of the moon.