National Conference on Recent Trends in Discrete and Fuzzy Mathematics


The Post Graduate Department of Mathematics, D.A.V. College, Jalandhar organized a UGC sponsored National Conference “Recent Trends in Discrete and Fuzzy Mathematics” from Feb. 2-4, 2013. Teachers and Research Scholars of eminence participated in this conference. Among them Professor EmeritusI.B.S. Passi, IISER  Mohali , was the Chief Guest of the conference and Prof. Om Parkash, G.N.D.U. Amritsar, was the keynote speaker. Among other eminent speakers were Prof. R.D Sarma, from Delhi University, Prof. R.P. Sharma , from H.P. University, Shimla, Prof. Shalini Gupta, Punjabi University, Patiala, Prof. Amit Kumar, Thapar University Patiala, Prof. Tilak Raj Sharma, Regional Centre, HPU Shimla  and Prof. AnandNayyar,KCL Inst. Of Mgt. and Techonology, Jalandhar. Apart from these a large number of teachers and students from different institutions presented their research papers.

This conference was organized by Chief Patron Sh. PunamSuri, President of DAVCMC, New Delhi, Patron Dr. Satish K. Sharma, Director of Colleges, DAVCMC, New Delhi, Principal B.B. Sharma, Convener Prof. Ajay Kumar Aggarwal, HOD, Organizing Secretary, Dr. P.K. Sharma.

The Chief Guest Prof. IBS Passi delivered his address in which he gave details about  the different fields in mathematics and inspired the students to choose his/her field of interest to pursue research”. Next Prof. Om Parkash, our keynote speaker gave the detailed information about the subject “ Information Theory”. He told the participants about the burning problems in Information Technology. Later on, a talk was given by Prof. ShaliniGupta  from IISER Mohali  regarding “Group Algebra”. He discussed about the “Semisimple finite metacyclic group algebras”.

The Plenary talk by Prof. AnandNayyar from KCL Inst. Of Mgt and Technology Jalandhar was on the topic “Neuro Fuzzy Systems and Its Applications”.Students and participants enjoyed his lecture very much. He inspired the audience about his new ideas of hacking email id of some one. He also suggested how to avoid hacking their website and email id etc.

The next plenary talk was given by Prof. Amit Kumar from Thapar University Patiala on the topic “New methods for solving fully fuzzy transportation problem with Trapezoidal fuzzy numbers”. The delegates and students discussed the topic in detail with him.

The next talk was given by Prof. R.P. Sharma from H.P. University, Shimla on Multicriteria decision making method using fuzzy systems and multiplicative Euclidean norms of semirings. He explained the use of multicriteria decision making problem can be solved by using multiplicative Euclidean norms of semirings.

The talk by Prof. RatnaDevSarma, RajdhaniCollege , New Delhi ,  which was on the topic Generalized structures in fuzzy topology was also well received by the listeners , since it was a very important issue of fuzzy topology.

The next speaker Dr. Tilak Raj Sharma from Regional Centre ,Dharamshala, was on the topic “Prime and G-prime fuzzy ideals of semirings”. He discussed in detail and its application were quite useful for further studies.

The last Speaker of the day was Dr. P.K. Sharma of DAV College, Jalandhar who gave an interesting talk on “Intuitionistic Fuzzy Algebra”. He gave a detailed description of his study on this topic.

Next activity was paper presentation on Discrete and Fuzzy Mathematics by delegates. As many as 25 research papers were presented in the conference. A valedictory function was held at the end of the conference. Dr. P.K. Sharma, Organizing secretary gave a detail of the activities of the conference and Prof. Ajay Kumar Aggarwal, HOD and Convener thanks all the delegates and teaching and non-teaching staff for their valuable co-operation in making the conference a grand success.