"Independence Day Wishes" By Principal

"Independence Day Wishes" By Principal Dav College

My Dear Students, Staff, Faculty and Alumni and the people of my country.

It is my proud privilege to greet you all to the celebration of the 69th Independence Day . I have always remained grateful to the people who gave this great gift of independence to us , the great heroes and true fighters.

We, the inhabitants of Dav College are in a sense fortunate as our institution has been working even before independence.

On the altar of sacrifice of our countrymen, our founding fathers handed over to us this Institution to build, where the Indians of future will be developed. We at Dav College are privileged and have been empowered by the citizens of India to do so. It is therefore our sole and proud responsibility to live up to their expectations. The people of this country pay for our sustenance in the hope that we shall change India and usher in a better future for them. We cannot afford to destroy the hopes and faith that they have bestowed on us.

Let us strive to work with courage, devotion and dedication it deserves. Let us build the India that will make people like Swami Dayanand happy to see us rising. We should always bestow our love and gratitude for our great patriots who for the glory of our nation sacrificed their immortal lives and became our true heroes. We should strive to our best to continue their legacy and work dedicatedly and courageously for our MOTHER INDIA and strive to make our motherland land of moral and rich values and a superpower.

Happy Independence Day To All..........

Dr B B Sharma
Dav College, Jalandhar